Vessel commonly known as the coppa cristiana. Green clear glass (diameter 0.18, depth 0.056). Found in a drainage channel in the Domus del Protiro (V,II,4-5). Sixteen fragments of the cup were found, together with numerous other glass sherds. The figure of Christ (Christus Victor) was incised, with a nimbus, long hair, and wearing a mantle. He is carrying a long cross, with his monogram. In his other hand is an open book. Next to his head is another monogram (chi - rho). To his right is a palmtree, a reference to paradise. To his left is a basket with bread, a reference to the holy communion. Guida p. 101. Floriani Squarciapino 1952. Museo Ostiense. Inv. 5201. The bowl was probably made at the end of the fourth century, during the reign of Theodosius. For parallels found in the 19th century in the Christian basilica in Portus (near the Episcopium) see De Rossi 1868 and Floriani Squarciapino 1952-1954 (now in the Vatican Museums).
E30016, F4313 (head of Christ), E30017 (cast).

Decorated vessel. Museo Ostiense.
E94218, E94219, E94220, E94221, E94222, E94223, E94224, E94225, E94226, E94227, E94228, E94229.