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In the virtual museum you will find photographs of many objects that were found in Ostia and Portus. Select a floor for a specific kind of material, and then a hall. With the exception of the Reception hall, all links are to photographs made by the National Italian Photographic Archive, ICCD. We realize that the identification of portraits as presented here does not incorporate recent research.
Reception hall
  • Non-ICCD material
  • Floor of the glass, metal, terracotta and bone objects
  • Hall of the metal objects
  • Hall of the terracotta objects
  • Hall of the bone objects
  • Hall of the glass objects
  • Floor of the marble objects
  • Hall of the Imperial portraits and statues
  • Hall of the portraits and statues of famous people
  • Hall of the portraits and statues of unidentified people
  • Hall of the funerary objects
  • Hall of the religious objects
  • Hall of the reliefs
  • Floor of the mosaics, opus sectile, paintings and stucco reliefs
  • Hall of the mosaics
  • Hall of the opus sectile
  • Hall of the paintings
  • Hall of the stucco reliefs
  • Floor of the museum-buildings
  • Regio I
  • Regio II
  • Regio III
  • Regio IV
  • Regio V
  • Porta Romana necropolis
  • Porta Laurentina necropolis
  • Isola Sacra necropolis
  • Building not identified
  • Other virtual museums
  • Arachne

  • Rooms of the museum in Ostia, situation before 1947. ICCD neg. E18900 and E18901.

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