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Regio I - Insula XII - Foro della Statua Eroica (I,XII,2)

To the east of the Caseggiato dei Triclini (I,XII,1) is the rather enigmatic Square of the Heroic Statue. It occupies the space of Hadrianic baths, remains of which can be seen in the Caseggiato della Cisterna (I,XII,4), to the east. The square was built around the middle of the fourth century AD, and modified slightly at the end of the same century (latericium and vittatum).

The square is approximately 1.70 above street-level. It is surrounded by porticos with columns on the west and east side, and by a portico with brick piers on the north side. Some traces of marble revetment and plaster can be found on the walls. On the floor are some marble slabs.

In 1927 a Hadrianic statue was found on the square, possibly of Hadrian himself. It had to be recomposed of many fragments. The man is almost entirely naked. In his right hand he held a lance, a mantle is draped over his left arm. The head is missing. The preserved height is 2.10.

Plan of the square

Plan of the square. After SO I.


The "heroic" statue. Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

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