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Regio I - Insula XIX - Horrea dei Mensores (I,XIX,4)

The huge Store Building of the Grain Measurers was built in the Trajanic period (opus mixtum). It has been related to the grain measurers, because their guild complex (I,XIX,1-3) invades the south-eastern part of the building. The building is aligned with the Tiber, not with the road (Via della Foce) to the south. The north end has not been excavated.

Plan of the building. After SO I.

The building was entered from Via della Foce through two ornamental entrances with pilasters. It consists of rooms to the west and east of a long courtyard, flanked by arcades. To the west of the courtyard is a double row of rooms. Many of the rooms are huge, c. 12 metres wide, with piers supporting the ceiling. To the west of the Hall of the Grain Measurers is a wide ramp leading to the first floor (later a few steps were added).

To the west of these rooms is a long corridor, continuing along the north and south side. It has a floor of opus spicatum. And to the west of the corridors are wide rooms with restorations that have been dated to the late third or early fourth century (opus vittatum). Few commercial buildings near the Tiber were restored at such a late date.

Presumably this was a grain measuring centre, rather than a store building.


The complex seen from the south-east. Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

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