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Regio III - Insula XVI - Caseggiato III,XVI,6

This is a row of four shops behind a porticus, to the south of Via dell Foce and to the north of the Terme della Trinacria (III,XVI,7). In the westernmost shop is a buried storage jar. At the east end are an external staircase and a corridor leading to the baths. At a later date structures were added in the porticus: a few walls, a small room (opus latericium), and a nymphaeum (opus vittatum). The shops were built in the Hadrianic period. The nymphaeum was added in the third or fourth century. It consists of a very deep rectangular floor-niche with marble revetment, flanked by two semicircular floor-niches. The orientation, towards the west rather than Via dell Foce, is curious.

Plan of the building.
After SO I.


The porticus to the north of the second shop to the west of the staircase,
seen from Via della Foce. To the left is the late-antique nymphaeum,
to the east a small room. Photograph: Eric Taylor.

The late-antique nymphaeum, seen from the west. Photograph: Eric Taylor.

The north-west shop seen from Via della Foce. Photograph: Eric Taylor.

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