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Regio IV - Insula IV - Ninfeo IV,IV,5

To the south of the Forum and the Temple of Rome and Augustus are a nymphaeum and a large public latrine. The nymphaeum was built in the Trajanic period or somewhat later (opus latericium). It has been restored to about half the original height. It consists of a semicircular exedra with five niches for statues, with protruding walls. In the central, semicircular niche a cast of a naked Venus has been placed. It is flanked by brick half-columns. To the left and right are rectangular niches. The entire exedra was a basin, closed off at the north end by a low wall. In the last quarter of the fourth century the nymphaeum was restored (opus vittatum). The walls and floor were decorated with marble.

Plan of the latrine and
nymphaeum. After SO I.


The nymphaeum with the statue of Venus, also temporary accomodation
for a new plaster cast for the Temple of Rome and Augustus.
Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

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