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Regio IV - Insula V - Caseggiato del Dioniso (IV,V,9)

At the end of the second century AD four small rooms were installed in the north-west corner of the Courtyard of Dionysus. In room A brick columns of a republican domus were reused. Room B could be entered from the courtyard. In room D is the black-and-white mosaic that gave the building its name. In the four corners are Dionysiac figures. In the centre is the young Dionysus, in a chariot drawn by tigers.

Plan of the house.
SO IV, fig. 67.


The rooms seen from the south-west. Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

Detail of the mosaic in room D. SO IV, tav. 83.

Detail of the mosaic in room D: Dionysus. SO IV, tav. 83.

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