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Regio V - Insula III - Casa V,III,4

House V,III,4 is a Hadrianic medianum apartment (opus mixtum; meas. 14.90 x 7.10, 105 square metres). The entrance was flanked by brick pilasters. Room 1 is the medianum, flanked by the representative rooms 2 and 4. Room 3 was a bedroom (cubiculum). In the north-east part is the isolated room 5. In room 6 was a latrine, identical to a latrine in the room to the north, belonging to house V,III,3. The buildings were originally connected by a (blocked) doorway to the east of the latrine.

Plan of the building.
From Hermansen 1982, fig. 6.


The apartment seen from the south-east. Photo: Jan Theo Bakker.

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