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Regio V - Insula IV - Edificio V,IV,1

This is a group of shops from the period of Antoninus Pius (opus latericium). There are four shops on the Semita dei Cippi, two on Via dell'Invidioso and one large one on Via della Fortuna Annonaria. In the centre of the east half are two rooms that seem to be destined for a staircase, but of this no traces remain. There is however a staircase in the alley to the east of the building.

The shop in the north-west corner was a bar, with a wide entrance on the west side and a narrow one from the north (4.99 x 4.71). The bar counter was in the north-east corner of the room. It has now disappeared.

Plan of the building, with buildings 1-2-3.
After SO I.

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