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Regio V - Domus near the Terme del Nuotatore

In the late 1990's geophysical research, conducted by the German Archaeological Institute in Rome (directed by M. Heinzelmann), led to the discovery of a large domus to the south of the Terme del Nuotatore (V,X,3). A few small trenches were then investigated.

Region V with new discoveries, resulting from the geophysical research by the German Archaeological
Institute in Rome. Numbers indicate trenches. The domus, indicated in red, is at nrs. 13 and 14.
Plan: Michael Heinzelmann.

The building is very large (c. 60 x 65 metres). It was built in the late first century AD. The rooms are arranged around a peristylium (c. 30 x 30 metres) with porticoes. Some rooms were decorated with marble floors and fourth style wall paintings. The building is surrounded by a corridor on the north, east, and south sides. The main entrance was in the west. Opposite the entrance corridor, in the east wing, is an accentuated room, possibly a dining room (triclinium). In the centre of the north and south wing large, accentuated rooms can be seen. A number of small rooms in the south-west part, surrounded by another corridor, may have formed a private bath.

Plan of the domus (blue) and older buildings (grey) (Michael Heinzelmann).

The building was destroyed by a fire around 350 AD and rebuilt. It was used until the sixth century, but by that time some walls had collapsed.


Aerial photograph taken in 1985 (Michael Heinzelmann).

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