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Regio V - Porta di Via del Sabazeo

Region V was bisected by a north-south running street called Via del Sabazeo, after the Sabazeum (V,XII,3). At the south end of this street was a gate in the city wall, made about half a century after the wall was built, that is, during the early Empire. The south part of region V has not been excavated yet, but one indication of the presence of the gate is the orientation of several roads in the north-west part of the region.

The precise location was already established by Guido Calza, and confirmed in the late 1990's by geophysical research, conducted by the German Archaeological Institute in Rome (directed by M. Heinzelmann). A small trench was then investigated. The excavators discovered, that the orginal gate was an opening in the wall, rather than a monumental gate. They also established, that the gate had been restored in the late third or early fourth century, with reused material. Soon afterwards the gate lost its military purpose, which suggests that the late-antique reinforcement was the result of a concrete threat. The work in Ostia may be a pendant of Aurelian's wall in Rome.

Region V with new discoveries, resulting from the geophysical research by the German Archaeological
Institute in Rome. Numbers indicate trenches. The secondary gate at the south end of Via del Sabazeo
is at nr. 11. Plan: Michael Heinzelmann.

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