TOMB 43Tek

Tomb 43 is detached on three sides and is looking out over the Via Severiana. The right wall leans against tomb 44 and a part of the back-wall of tomb 45.
The burial chamber has an open court with the black and white mosaic described
in the introduction of this necropolis. We see two vessels with bulging sails
followed by two rowing-boats. The boats are symmetrically placed
around the famous lighthouse of Portus.
The lighthouse consists of four floors which are upstairs gradually more
narrow. All the floors have windows and the lower floor is provided
with a door. From the top flames are rising up into the air.
Beside the lighthouse is the Greek inscription which says:

"This is a place free of fear"

This inscription can be interpreted in two ways. The first points to an allegoric end of
the journey click to enlarge photographof life after which in the harbour (the death as final destination)
one should find peace and quiet.
The other explanation is more profane and refers to the sailors reaching the safe harbour. In the last case the mosaic could point to the profession of the owner of the tomb.  

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