TOMB 57Tek

Tomb 57 is, like tomb 58 oriented towards the main street. This suggests a secondary
road in front of both tombs.
The two detached graves are rather isolated from the other tombs in the necropolis.
Originally tomb 57 was only used as a columbarium but didn't escape in later time,
as most of the tombs, from re-organisation.
Above the entrance there is a marble slab with the following inscription:

               D      .   M . SEPTIMIAE . TYCHENI .
               P . AEMILIVS . TYRANNVS . CONIVGI
               CARISSIME . ET . LECANIVS .
               FECERVNT . ET .SVIS . OMNIBVS .

According to the text the grave was built for Septimia Tyche by Publius Aemilius Tyrannus
and Lecanius Zosimus, for the one his beloved wife and for the other his very pious sister,
and for the other members of the family.
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