TOMB 75 and 76 Tek

click to enlarge photographTombs 75 and 76 were originally built as one detached tomb, visible from the Via Severiana. Later on the old tomb was surrounded by other tombs and, as the inscription mentions, splitted up by an inheritor of the owner into the present tombs 75 and 76.
The original tomb had a large covered courtyard with
a central burial chamber against the middle of the back-wall. On both sides of this burial chamber were two other rooms. The right one still exists, the left one became the burial chamber of the present tomb 76.
Originally, the entrance of the courtyard lay on one line with
the entrance of the burial chamber.
One of the inheritors of the builder, Marcus Antonius Agathias,
placed a partition-wall on the left side of the burial chamber and
changed the room on the left side into a new burial chamber.
click to enlarge photograph At the same time a new entrance was made in the wall
of the courtyard. This new entrance lies on one line
with the new burial chamber.
Thus, two tombs were created out of one.
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