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Regio V - Insula II - Caseggiato V,II,10

This building has been dated to the Severan period. The main entrance is outlined by brick pilasters. It is a double door leading to corridor 1. On either side is a shop. All rooms could be reached from the corridor, with the exception of room 8, that is a backroom of shop 9. There is a blocked doorway between shop 2 and room 3. In the east wall of room 4 is a shallow niche, probably used for religious purposes. In room 5 a fragment of a black-and-white mosaic was found. The rooms had wooden ceilings. At the back of the building is courtyard 6, providing light to rooms 5 and 7 through windows. The north and west wall of .the courtyard were built after the Severan period, viz. c. 235-250 AD. In the Severan period the building may have been connected with the open area in the Terme del Filosofo (V,II,6-7).

The building was modified in the third century. Walls were removed so that rooms 4, 5, 7 and 8 became a single, large hall. The walls of the hall were decorated with panels with green and red lines.

According to Boersma this was a small house with two shops. It is also possible that it was a hotel. Compare the plan with the Casa delle Volte Dipinte (central corridor) and Caupona del Pavone (courtyard).

Plan of the building.
North is to the left.
Boersma 1985, fig. 69.


Reconstruction drawing of the building, seen from the north-east.
Boersma 1985, fig. 163.

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