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Regio V - Insula II - Caseggiato V,II,11

A small building, measuring 8.45 x 14. The doorway is outlined by brick pilasters, which must have carried a brick pediment. To the south of the doorway is a narrow window, that was later filled in. To the north are two high, large windows. The interior is characterized by heavy piers and a few thin walls. Room 3 received light from the courtyard of V,II,10 to the north, through an oblique opening. A secondary window and doorway connect the building with V,II,12 to the south. The south-west part of area 2 probably did not have a roof. In the south-east corner is a base, probably the lower part of a staircase, that partly blocks the entrance of the building.

Paintings have been preserved on the north and east wall of room 1. Two different patterns can be seen, as if they were separated by a wall, of which no trace has been found however. The paintings include an unidentified human figure, walking to the right. The floors of the rooms were decorated with white mosaics.

The oldest masonry is Severan. Modifications have been dated to the later third and fourth century. According to Boersma this was a house.

Plan of the building.
North is to the left.
Boersma 1985, fig. 73.

Photographs and drawings

Reconstruction drawing of buildings 11 and 12, seen from the south-east.
Boersma 1985, fig. 169.

Drawing of the paintings in room. Boersma 1985, fig. 168.

The paintings in room 1, left part. Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

The paintings in room 1, right part, human figure. Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

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