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Regio V - Insula III - Edificio V,III,2

This is a business establishment from the Trajanic period (opus mixtum). There is a central corridor, running from west to east, from Via della Casa del Pozzo to Via delle Ermette. There are two rooms on each side, that could be reached from the corridor (one the doors was later blocked). Three of these rooms have wide openings to the street, suggesting that they were shops, but it should be noted that the doorways of the northern rooms are not in the centre of the wall, which is the usual position of doorways in shops. Therefore the building has also been called a storage or work area. The fourth room, in the south-west part, was reached from the street through a narrow doorway, next to which is a window. Two openings in the north wall were later blocked by the south wall of building V,III,1 and filled in. No staircase has been preserved.

Plan of the building.
After SO I.

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